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“Tobias Young Is No Doubt The Best Coach And Trainer Out There!”

Tobias Young is no doubt the best coach and trainer out there! He not only inspires, motivates and provides consistent follow-up, he has also provided me with health and fitness education without condescending or belittling…no matter what your goals are. I found myself needing new sport as I was injured to the point I could no longer run or play tennis as I was used to. As a new client, I had just taken up the sport of body building and was ready to compete in my first competition as an INBA masters figure competitor. I needed to be the best ME I could be. Tobias didn’t hesitate to get me started on the road towards success and in a very short time readied me to compete. I won all three categories I entered and I couldn’t have done it without his endless support and guidance! In January 2018, I am now beginning my second year of competing and looking to beat the me you see here. I know Tobias Young Fitness will get me there! He will do the same for you!

-Jana Roche

“Tobias Gave Me The Proper Tools And Meal Program To Achieve My


My main struggle was trying to find a balance of diet & exercise, i.e..what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat…same for the workouts. My biggest frustration was the fact that no matter what I tried I could not get past a plateau that I hit, I even had a personal trainer. But I think he lacked the knowledge necessary to get me where I wanted to go. This all affected me in a very negative way. I felt defeated and thought that I would never get to where I wanted to be physically. I figured if a professional bodybuilder couldn’t get me there who could. Don’t get me wrong he did make some progress with me. And showed me some pretty good weight lifting stuff. I can’t really say how I felt before my transformation because I’m constantly transforming…daily, I’m 47 years old and feel great I’ve lost some weight and broke through my plateau like it was never there. But as far as I’m concerned it’s a life journey. That being said nothing comes easy I’ve been wearing myself out daily.

Tobias gave me the proper tools and meal program to achieve my goals. This guy is the real deal, when I signed up with him I figured wth I’ll give it a shot. Low and behold here I am today thriving actually looking forward to working out on a daily basis. Tobias treats his clients like he’s known them for years..this guy actually takes the time to call you personally and see if he can help you progress in any way. His app is off the chain and very easy to use. I’m looking forward to this journey I’m on and you can bet your bottom dollar TYF is going to be with me all the way.

-Alfonso Reyes

“He Will Keep You On Track”

I recently worked with Tobias as a client during his first 30 day Transformation Challenge. Even from across the country I could feel his drive and enthusiasm for helping his clients reach their goals. He was organized, beyond informative, always available for questions and ALWAYS upbeat and encouraging. His program was well executed, and on point when it came to diet and fitness, and very easy to understand for a beginner as well as an expert. I can see why so many clients want to work with him, and I would be lucky to have the chance to work with him

again! In addition to being kind, motivating and just an all around great guy, he will keep you on track, making sure you are sticking with the program and being there to motivate you when you feel like you might be slipping. Don’t hesitate to sign up with Tobias Young Fitness!

Lisa Filipe

“He Is 100% Invested In Your Success”

I have been active for most of my life, played sports, ran and exercised as often as I could. I guess you could say I considered myself in “good shape”. Since working with TYF I have reached limits that physically and mentally I didn’t even know I had in me and man has my body and my “lifestyle” changed completely for the better!

When you decide to work with TYF you need to understand what you are getting yourself into; you’ll get someone who is knowledgeable and has years of experience. But first and foremost, he is 100% invested in your success because he genuinely cares about each and every one of his clients. He sees your potential, not only in the moment but further away!

Blanca Munguia

“He Put Me On Track With A Whole New Plan And Set Of Challenges”

Awesome! Was kind of lost in the fitness world didnʼt really know what challenge to take up next. He put me on track with a whole new plan and set of challenges. My challenge has always been time and diet. Tobias is huge on accountability and it was a good feeling knowing that my coach had my back. Definitely wouldnʼt have come so far without his help.

Alex Swiatko

“Tobias Is Very Passionate About His Work”

I’ve known Tobias for a few years and have had numerous opportunities to witness his work and dedication. I received health advice from him over the years and recently participated in a fitness program hosted by him which helped me make a significant change in my health and lifestyle. Tobias is very passionate about his work and always available when needed. Not to mention, he is also very knowledgeable and a great motivator.

Erick Silahua

“TYF Has Been A Game Changer For Me!”

TYF has been a game changer for me! Even as a certified personal trainer, the easy to use workout app has helped me stay on my game. Definitely a must have for anyone looking to improve their health, with limited time, and looking to add some structure to their gym routine 5/5!

Chris Jordan

“If You Want The Results Tobias Is THE Guy”

If you want the results Tobias is THE guy. Talk about walking the talk, Tobias lives and breathes this stuff every single day. What an inspiration, if you really want the body and the health you’ve always dreamed about you have to talk to Tobias. This guy is the real stuff.

Darrel Weekes

“I Would Recommend Him To Anyone Who Has A Fitness Goal!”

Tobias is very patient and knowledgeable! I would recommend him to anyone who has a fitness goal!

Ivonne Grecco

“Tobias Young Fitness Changed My Life!”

Tobias Young Fitness changed my Life!! I’m Mentally and physically focused on personal health goals. Having results I never thought I was capable of having again being a stay at home mother of a. Tobias Young Fitness figured out the perfect program for me!! He is highly motivating an Funny which makes the program exciting!! With the knowledge an help from this IFBB PRO I’m the healthiest I’ve been in many years!! One thing I noticed is that getting into the fitness program with Tobias Young Fitness has brought me out of my shell I use to

go to the gym an basically hide in the womens room only doing Cardio an a few leg machines. Since I got on TobiasYoungs fitness plan I’m no longer hiding in the womens room I’m handling my workout routines all over the gym an feeling stronger an seeing results!! Its easy to become a hermit, Thats no longer me!!! I am braver an ready to chase my goals an dreams confidently now!! THANK YOU!!

April Martinez

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