” Tobias Young is one of the best fitness coaches in the industry. His experience in training techniques and nutrition is phenomenal. He has helped me take my fitness to the next level. If I had three words to describe Tobias as a coach. It would be patient, supportive, and knowledgeable. He doesn’t just talk the talk but walks it as well.


” Having Tobias Young as my coach is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Being accountable to him is fantastic when are riding the emotional roller coaster. He brings you back to reality with his objectivity and practicality. Tobias was available to me every time and provided a great support and comfort to me especially since it was my first competition. Physically, Tobias helped me to build muscle (Can’t wait to build more!) and then lean out and bring a package to the stage of which I was proud all while eating flexibly, not depriving myself of foods I love, and not doing endless hours of cardio. Because his program is very effective. I very much trust his process, love the challenge of my workouts, and have been very happy with the results. Working with Tobias has helped me really fall in love with this lifestyle and training, to keep pushing myself and never settle, to know that I can always be better but to also appreciate how far I have come. For that I am forever grateful. I am loving my fitness journey and finally feel like I have a path and a direction and can’t wait to see what’s next! I owe an enormous part of this to Tobias and his awesome coaching. Thank You!!!


” Compassion and patience are attributes that a great coach should have, and Tobias possesses both. If you’re looking for a coach with these attributes plus credibility pulling from years of bodybuilding experience, then look no further – you’ve found the perfect coach! Being the cardio queen that I am, bodybuilding wasn’t my forte. However, I was looking for a way to up my game and take me to the next level. Tobias spent time answering all my questions and encouraging me to push myself to the next level. With professional guidance from Tobias, I completed my first prep and show this year, and placed in my classes! Thank you, Tobias, for being a major part of my fitness journey! I can’t wait till the next show!


” I started working with Tobias in January of 2014 because I wanted to start competing in the Men’s Physique division of the NPC. A close friend recommended that I start working with Tobias because of his expertise in nutrition, training, posing, and show preparation. I knew Tobias was someone that I could trust because he is very involved with his athletes and in the fitness industry as a whole. Originally, I had set a goal to compete in a show in late May but in following Tobias’s direction I was ready sooner than expected and ended up competing in April of 2014. I’m proud to say that I won my class and the overall at the Fresno Classic that year. I continued to work with Tobias in 2015 and competed and placed well at all of my shows including taking 3rd at USAs. I’m proud to say Tobias is now a good friend of mine and continues to be an awesome coach. I respect him highly because of his own work ethic, genuine personality, and the passion that he has for health and fitness!


“Before meeting Tobias, I had never been actively involved with a personal trainer on any level. Before starting with Tobias, I was skeptical how online or email training and tracking could be beneficial or how it would work without one on one training. The nutrition plan selection and workout programs electronically supplied by Tobias proved to be effective and the most beneficial that I’ve ever experienced seeing results over a period of six weeks. Having weekly check ins with Tobias and his ability to keep you MOTIVATED is immeasurable and something I never expected. I am happy to say 14 months later I am still seeking Tobias Youngs guidance and support for my training and nutrition plan tweaks and adjustments. Joining his program has been the best choice I’ve made regarding health and fitness and I’m looking forward to my 24-month anniversary goals. Please feel free to contact me regarding my reference if you have any questions.


“Before I signed up on Tobias Young’s plan, I was a personal trainer, a runner, and I was pretty fit. I ate healthy and balanced meals but had never pushed my limits or measured for specific results. At that time in my life I wanted a goal to focus on that could take my attention away from something I was leaving behind and it was the most satisfying way to rise above.
After following the workout and meal plan for competition that Tobias provided, I reached my goals and competed. I didn’t win on stage, but I have won first through 3rd place in several 5k and 10k races consistently ever since. I improved my speed in running and I was stoked about that! I never thought I competed twice and I can say I have accomplished so much as I learned to have self control, time-management, and how eating cleaner supports my health for the long run. Now that I understand my body and see how much control I have in the way it looks, I always test it to see how amazing, changeable, and adaptable the human body really is.”


“One of the biggest and most positive changes in my life was the opportunity to work with Tobias Young. I met Tobias through a pair of old friends (and my first trainers ever for bodybuilding and physique) back in 2015. I was three weeks out from a physique competition and I needed some assistance because things unfortunately weren’t working out (with the current coaches at that time) and I needed to change coaches immediately. When I met Tobias, he was the posing coach for my previous coach.
I had no idea that our paths would cross again under such adverse circumstances. I was in distress and needed help A relative of Tobias, (Elizabeth Chavez) referred me to him. Elizabeth told me to call him right away, as we are both getting ready for a competition. We had the same bad experience with previous coaches and I needed help. I called Tobias and just by the tone of his voice, he was able to call me down and get me to come up and visit with him. As I was driving to Brentwood I came to realize that I was going to the right individual, and a sense of Peace started to pass over me as I was driving down this long country road to this distant middle California town.
Tobias handed me very detailed and organize sheets and directions to get me through the next couple weeks with everything I needed to do to prepare for my competition. I knew I had found my coach. I decided to turn my physique bodybuilding life over to the care of Tobias young. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.
I am a high-level group fitness instructor with classes of over one hundred students per class in some instances. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 34 years and I’m 54 years old. Tobias is taking my body to level that I would have never possibly thought I could achieve. Bodybuilding and physique is my own personal priority in life. Tobias now has the metabolic code and the understanding of my body that nobody else has. In 2015, Tobias took me through six competitions of which, I took home three-first place finishes and I am now qualified to go to a NPC National show to qualify for my IFBB Pro card.
There is nobody else I want to work with in this business when it comes to handling the diet, the metabolic code in conditioning, and to lead me in the sport that I enjoy most, which is physique and bodybuilding. I trust Tobias 1000%. In 2015, I followed Tobias’s direction 99.5% and ended up winning first place. This taught me, that if I do what Tobias tells me with consistency, the results will always be gold.
Tobias handles himself with a high level of professionalism. His deep knowledge of the business, understanding of the human body, and different types of clientele is incredible. The respect that other people in the business have for him and reputation support all of the other traits and acalades this man possesses. This is the reason I want to follow him to the end of the Earth when it comes to handling my body and this sport of bodybuilding and physique. Tobias has my trust, he has my dedication, and he has my respect. There’s no one else on this planet that I would want to be coached by other than Tobias Young!”


“When I started competition prep training with Tobias, I wasn’t very experienced or knowledgeable with regards to strength training and bodybuilding. With his guidance and his workout/diet plan, I was able to achieve the body I never imagined I could. My overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short span of time, that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own! He was very professional, yet approachable and friendly. He was also very encouraging, positive, and there to answer any questions or concerns I had. The structured meal and workout plans have been so effective, they built my foundation for my continued lifestyle to this day. He introduced me to a whole new way of training, and I have continued to use what I learned to improve my muscle building capacity. I am so grateful that I was able to work with Tobias!”


“I started with Tobias end of the first week of July 2017. It had been 2 months since I have worked with him and have had great success. Starting around 182 lbs with about 18% body fat down to 174 with 14% body fat. Not only did he help me with workouts and such he really opened my eyes to how important nutrition is when it comes to having the level of health and fitness you want. I would recommend Tobias Young to anyone in need of a transformation as his professional expertise is at its pinnacle.”


“Hi world. I’m April Martinez (32 years old) with two sons and a stay-at-home mom.
TYF has been a Hidden Gem of the pros used by the best in today’s Fitness industry. I decided upon finding TYF, to invest in myself. I got a taste of this incredible structured program by sponsored athlete and internationally-known IFBB Pro Tobias Young.
In my months starting the program, I followed a very detailed and scientific method that was easy for me to understand. I noticed explosive results within the first month. Every day I learned a fun and challenging workout and I finish them satisfyingly tired and feeling stronger. I’m happy everyday now knowing that I am making strides each week. I have been pushing heavier weights and even more repetitions while laying a new foundation for me to build on.
Tobias motivated and inspired me like a true friend, not a hired coach. Any concerns he addresses and he makes sure the layout is perfect for each individual as he did for myself. There are lots of delicious and healthy satisfying meals with recipes that he provides for you. He also creates a great blog with true non empty words, but real solid facts on workouts. His information is easy to remember as well as all accessible 24/7 through the TYF app. TYF has changed my life mentally and physically. I’m feeling confident, wiser, and no longer dread any workout.
The Tyf program has solid detailed info and is worth every penny invested! Invest in yourself with someone you can trust and believe in that will make sure your goals are completed in a non guilty and non-judgmental way.
Tobias is uplifting, humble as a pro, and down-to-earth. He wakes up your inner potential. Legit results and I can confirm that hiring IFBB Pro Tobias is 1,000% the best investment I have ever considered for my health and my future. He is highly educated and his expertise is breathtakingly positive. His app and website are easy to work through and not confusing whatsoever. Thank you Mr. Tobias Young for inflicting me with a true healthy lifestyle that I enjoy and breaking me out of my fears at the gym.
I hope that you get a chance to check out this amazing program with knowledgeable, well-educated and respected internationally teacher coach and friend sponsored athlete and IFBB Pro Tobias Young good luck to you and all of your fitness goals!!!”


“When I began my fitness journey with Tobias Young my intention was simple pain management and physical therapy post heart surgery. Through his leadership, motivation and constant supervision and support I have blown past my expectations and surpassed anything my doctors or I thought possible. TYF took the time to understand my physical and nutritional limitations and challenges and worked to build a custom program that helped me grow physically and mentally. This has been the best investment I have ever made.”


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