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Communication Intelligence (CQ)

Our communication model consists of three key components: accountability, active listening, and under-dialogue, creating a relationship of equality.

Tranquility Schools provides support to minimize disruptive, destructive behaviors. Opening communication and developing expected behavior patterns through positive relationships.

Through support targeted to your needs, whether they be meal planning, men’s/women’s fitness, or overall nutrition, you can feel and look the way you always hoped and be the best you.

Providing support to find HOPE and inspiration to continue to fight any physical or emotional ailments, allowing for families to come together when it is needed most.

Tranquility Wellness Boosts
Common Sense 20 - 30x

Set your goals today and receive a fitness, nutrition & communication intelligence solution that is available at your fingertips 24/7!
“Here at the department of common sense, we guide you on the road to optimized fitness, nutrition & communication intelligence through TRANQUILITY.”
-Brad Michaels, Founder & CEO