What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

Do you know what to look for in a personal trainer? Finding the right one is important to your fitness program and progress. I’ve spent years identifying the problems faced by people like yourself and have found some glaring problems with many training programs. It’s hard to admit, but I’ve even had to correct some of my own. However, I’ve refined the programs to eliminate those things and can present some of the things you need to address when you’re looking for the best trainer for your needs.

The bodies of men and women aren’t alike.

Many trainers use a program that doesn’t acknowledge that there’s not only a difference in how men and women look, there’s a difference in how they lose weight and the road blocks to weight loss, plus how they should exercise. Even health studies were focusing primarily on men without facing the fact that women have different needs. Women’s bodies have more body fat. It’s part of evolution to help during pregnancy. It occurs with the difference between the amounts of testosterone and estrogen. Men normally lose weight faster because of this, especially in the first three months. However, women do have one advantage. Visceral fat—belly fat—is lost quicker by women and not as much of a problem as it is for men. Training men and women differently takes into consideration the differences hormones play for each sex. Make sure your trainer does this.

Most personal trainers create individualized programs but seldom account for people who want to go beyond just good fitness.

If you can train a person for the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness competition, you can train anyone to be their best. I work with all levels of fitness, which includes the exclusive group that enter competitions. Knowing what works to create the healthiest, most attractive body for that group is hardest, but all the hours spent learning gives people who just want to look their best the advantage of that studying. See if your trainer works with competitive bodybuilders.

Some personal trainers just focus on exercise, but fail to include nutrition help.

You simply can’t out exercise a bad diet. Even if you worked out for hours and practically lived at the gym, you wouldn’t be the best you that you can be if you spent all your lunch hours munching on burgers, fries, malts and cake. It’s just not possible. The body needs the right building blocks to be strong and you’ll only get that from clean eating. I address all those issues with clients to help them reach their ideal. Make sure your trainer provides a plan of nutrition.

  • Some personal trainers, even those who train competitors, forget that not everyone wants to have a competitive body, but just want to look and feel good. Look for a trainer that listens to client’s goals.
  • Look for a trainer that will drive you toward the best you possible without discouraging you.
  • Find a trainer that adjusts your program when you reach new heights and makes you want to drive even harder for the next level.
  • Look for a trainer that considers your lifestyle and schedule when creating the perfect program for you.

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