Is Detox Important

If you’ve felt sluggish, fatigued and find you’re turning to loads of coffee, sweet treats and even fast foods to boost your energy, only to be disappointed, it may be time for a detox. Most health specialists will agree with this, but not necessarily how to do the detox. A detox simply gives your body a break and allows it to cleanse itself of toxins. These are short-term interventions that promote health and make weight loss far easier.

There’s a better way than a water diet and supplements.

Rather than go for the odd detox that involves cabbage juice and lemon or just water and supplements, you can get the same effect with a healthy whole food diet. Eating healthy is the optimal detox you can do every day. While you might enjoy a fruit and vegetable smoothie for a meal, it’s not necessary to get your body back to healthy functioning. You can kick off a healthy eating habit with more salads, smoothies and vegetables. Incorporating more herbs like wheat grass, barley grass, coriander and food with malic or citric acid—like oranges and grapes, plus adding food with selenium—like mushrooms and sunflower seeds, improve the nutritional base, plus add detoxing benefits.

One thing is certain, exercise helps play a vital role.

When you exercise, you boost your circulation, sweat out toxins, strengthen your body and improve your lung capacity. It also aids in the natural process of detoxification. Starting a program of regular exercise helps you sweat out many toxins in your body, plus building strength. You can improve your health by ensuring you don’t sit too long. If you’re at a desk all day, take a break every hour for five minutes to walk, move or even do a quick five minute in-office workout (sweating not necessary—just moving). Studies show that moving briskly every hour lengthens your life—even if it’s just running up and down stairs or walking quickly around the room.

One thing all detox sites agree with is drinking more water.

Trying to survive on just water for several days isn’t necessarily the best route to take for detoxing. (Although, some studies show that intermittent fasting can slow the aging process and may make you healthier.) Increasing your water intake to 8-eight ounce glasses a day is healthy. Your body is composed mostly of water. It’s necessary for to maintain the body’s functions. Drinking water before a meal can reduce your appetite and often cues that say you’re hungry are really misinterpreted thirst cues. Water helps flush out toxins.

  • Try switching to herbal tea or green tea instead of coffee. Coffee is good for you in small amounts and can help flush the liver, but in larger amounts, increase your risk for osteoporosis, raise your blood pressure and even damage the liver.
  • Try cutting out all sugar and products made with sugar for a week or longer as part of your detox program. It’s harder than you think, but is a boost to healthy eating.
  • If you consistently eat a healthy whole food diet, your body can detox itself in four hours with no special additions to your diet.
  • If you choose to switch to smoothies for a detox, always include vegetables and fruits of different colors. Each color has phytonutrients that help make your body healthier.

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