Competition Prep

Are You Struggling To Break Through Your Plateau And Looking For An Expert Coach To Guide You Through The Process?

Reach your Peak in the Easiest Way Possible With Personalized Performance Coaching So You Can Break Your Personal Records

As a winning IFBB Pro I know exactly how to take your body to a whole new level, no goal is too big or small – my custom program will provide the exact tools you need to reach your personal best physique.

  • Bulk up and get ripped quickly so you will stand out from your competitors
  • Experience explosive muscle growth you can see in no time
  • Custom workouts tailored to your competition goals right on your mobile phone

The Online Coaching Program you Need to Build the Body You Want

Training for competitions takes a lot of time and discipline. With the amount of energy you invest in your training, you don’t have time to hit plateaus in your progress. Bodybuilding is not a one size fits all program, you need workouts and meal plans designed specifically to reach your goals and create the strong and ripped physique you want. My online coaching program is proven to create visible results that will have you in peak shape in no time and the ability to fine tune the areas you want to change.

  • Healthy and delicious meal plans to optimize the results of each workout
  • Increase your energy levels, strength, and endurance
  • Gain more self-confidence and feel like you did in your prime


Results Oriented Workouts
Your customized workouts including how to video tutorials will be specifically formulated to reach your goals so you can see results in no time. These dynamic workouts will challenge your body in new ways to create lasting results.

Nutrition Coaching
The easiest way to ruin a great workout is poor nutrition. With my meal plans, you will learn lifelong knowledge about what to eat to keep your body fat percentage low and muscle mass high.

Accountability & Motivation
I will be with you every step of the way of your fitness journey. With my weekly motivational follow ups and in app-messenger feature, I am always just a message away from answering any questions.

Become Our Next Success Story and Set New Personal Records.

Imagine where you would be now if you started a year ago today. Stop hesitating and sign up for the online coaching you need to reach your competition goals and feel more confident than ever before.

Start Training for Your Competition With Tobias Young Today

  • Competition Secrets for the Elite
  • Posing Critique
  • Customized Workout Program
  • (Bi-Weekly Progressions)
  • Unlimited Coach Messaging Support
  • Monthly Individual Zoom Call
  • Video Demos of Exercises
  • Customized Nutrition Plan (With Adjustments)
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Fitness Tips
  • Competition Preparation Specific Advice and Goal Setting
  • Peak Week Preparation
  • Grocery List
  • 10% Discount on all TYF Shop items
  • Supplement Guidance
  • Weekly Coach Check-ins
  • Food Journal
  • Adherence Chart
  • Fitness App
  • Results Tracking









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