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How To Change Your Attitude Toward Fitness

How To Change Your Attitude Toward Fitness

Whether it’s eating a healthy diet or putting in your time working out, it really helps if you love it. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself looking for ways to sabotage your fitness plans. The only way to change that outcome is to change your attitude toward fitness. You need to find ways to look forward to eating healthy without feeling like you’re being deprived or suffering and find ways to workout that you really enjoy.

Start with your attitude toward eating healthier.

If you ban all the foods you love and focus on eating ones you hate, you’ll last only a few days on a healthier diet. Rather than giving up everything you love or consuming foods that you don’t find a happy medium. Find recipes for healthier foods that you actually like and don’t worry about eating a small amount of your favorite food. Getting fitter and eating healthier isn’t an all or nothing proposition. You can have a small piece of cake once in a while…just not the whole cake or a big slice every meal. Try making some of your favorite foods healthier, such as substituting applesauce for oil or sugar in baked goods.

Choose a workout you like.

Hate running? Don’t run! It’s that simple. There are hundreds of ways to increase your exercise and get a good workout. Don’t focus on ones you hate. If you love dancing, dance like there’s no tomorrow and incorporate your workout into it. Do you enjoy being with others and a more social activity, choose a group workout and take a friend!

Make sure your effort for fitness is truly yours.

If you’re taking up a life plan of healthy eating and exercise, don’t do it for anyone else but you! The reason has to be important to you. If your doctor tells you to start a program or you’ll be faced with ill health and an early demise, the decision for a healthier lifestyle is still yours. You decide how important being healthy is. Don’t workout to impress friends or eat healthy to do that. Most people focus on their own lives. The decision must come from your desires.

  • Start. You can procrastinate doing anything until the right time comes. Just do it! Even if you can’t get in a full workout at one time, try doing short ten minute sets throughout the day.
  • Don’t make counting calories or carbs your life’s work. You can be too immersed in the details and miss the big picture. Focus on eating whole foods and avoiding processed ones to make it easier.
  • Don’t skip a workout because you’ve had a tough day. That’s when you need to do it the most. It burns off stress!
  • Plan ahead for those nights out with pals. If you want a drink, have one and then switch back to water. Eat slower and consume more salad, but don’t turn down your favorite food, just fill up on healthy ones first.

What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

Do you know what to look for in a personal trainer? Finding the right one is important to your fitness program and progress. I’ve spent years identifying the problems faced by people like yourself and have found some glaring problems with many training programs. It’s hard to admit, but I’ve even had to correct some of my own. However, I’ve refined the programs to eliminate those things and can present some of the things you need to address when you’re looking for the best trainer for your needs.

The bodies of men and women aren’t alike.

Many trainers use a program that doesn’t acknowledge that there’s not only a difference in how men and women look, there’s a difference in how they lose weight and the road blocks to weight loss, plus how they should exercise. Even health studies were focusing primarily on men without facing the fact that women have different needs. Women’s bodies have more body fat. It’s part of evolution to help during pregnancy. It occurs with the difference between the amounts of testosterone and estrogen. Men normally lose weight faster because of this, especially in the first three months. However, women do have one advantage. Visceral fat—belly fat—is lost quicker by women and not as much of a problem as it is for men. Training men and women differently takes into consideration the differences hormones play for each sex. Make sure your trainer does this.

Most personal trainers create individualized programs but seldom account for people who want to go beyond just good fitness.

If you can train a person for the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness competition, you can train anyone to be their best. I work with all levels of fitness, which includes the exclusive group that enter competitions. Knowing what works to create the healthiest, most attractive body for that group is hardest, but all the hours spent learning gives people who just want to look their best the advantage of that studying. See if your trainer works with competitive bodybuilders.

Some personal trainers just focus on exercise, but fail to include nutrition help.

You simply can’t out exercise a bad diet. Even if you worked out for hours and practically lived at the gym, you wouldn’t be the best you that you can be if you spent all your lunch hours munching on burgers, fries, malts and cake. It’s just not possible. The body needs the right building blocks to be strong and you’ll only get that from clean eating. I address all those issues with clients to help them reach their ideal. Make sure your trainer provides a plan of nutrition.

  • Some personal trainers, even those who train competitors, forget that not everyone wants to have a competitive body, but just want to look and feel good. Look for a trainer that listens to client’s goals.
  • Look for a trainer that will drive you toward the best you possible without discouraging you.
  • Find a trainer that adjusts your program when you reach new heights and makes you want to drive even harder for the next level.
  • Look for a trainer that considers your lifestyle and schedule when creating the perfect program for you.

Is Detox Important

Is Detox Important

If you’ve felt sluggish, fatigued and find you’re turning to loads of coffee, sweet treats and even fast foods to boost your energy, only to be disappointed, it may be time for a detox. Most health specialists will agree with this, but not necessarily how to do the detox. A detox simply gives your body a break and allows it to cleanse itself of toxins. These are short-term interventions that promote health and make weight loss far easier.

There’s a better way than a water diet and supplements.

Rather than go for the odd detox that involves cabbage juice and lemon or just water and supplements, you can get the same effect with a healthy whole food diet. Eating healthy is the optimal detox you can do every day. While you might enjoy a fruit and vegetable smoothie for a meal, it’s not necessary to get your body back to healthy functioning. You can kick off a healthy eating habit with more salads, smoothies and vegetables. Incorporating more herbs like wheat grass, barley grass, coriander and food with malic or citric acid—like oranges and grapes, plus adding food with selenium—like mushrooms and sunflower seeds, improve the nutritional base, plus add detoxing benefits.

One thing is certain, exercise helps play a vital role.

When you exercise, you boost your circulation, sweat out toxins, strengthen your body and improve your lung capacity. It also aids in the natural process of detoxification. Starting a program of regular exercise helps you sweat out many toxins in your body, plus building strength. You can improve your health by ensuring you don’t sit too long. If you’re at a desk all day, take a break every hour for five minutes to walk, move or even do a quick five minute in-office workout (sweating not necessary—just moving). Studies show that moving briskly every hour lengthens your life—even if it’s just running up and down stairs or walking quickly around the room.

One thing all detox sites agree with is drinking more water.

Trying to survive on just water for several days isn’t necessarily the best route to take for detoxing. (Although, some studies show that intermittent fasting can slow the aging process and may make you healthier.) Increasing your water intake to 8-eight ounce glasses a day is healthy. Your body is composed mostly of water. It’s necessary for to maintain the body’s functions. Drinking water before a meal can reduce your appetite and often cues that say you’re hungry are really misinterpreted thirst cues. Water helps flush out toxins.

  • Try switching to herbal tea or green tea instead of coffee. Coffee is good for you in small amounts and can help flush the liver, but in larger amounts, increase your risk for osteoporosis, raise your blood pressure and even damage the liver.
  • Try cutting out all sugar and products made with sugar for a week or longer as part of your detox program. It’s harder than you think, but is a boost to healthy eating.
  • If you consistently eat a healthy whole food diet, your body can detox itself in four hours with no special additions to your diet.
  • If you choose to switch to smoothies for a detox, always include vegetables and fruits of different colors. Each color has phytonutrients that help make your body healthier.

Should You Wait Until Monday To Start

Should You Wait Until Monday To Start

I’ve heard every excuse in the book for postponing starting a workout program. One of my favorites is “I’ll wait until Monday to start.” Just like waiting to start that term paper when you were in school or waiting to do your taxes, waiting even one extra minute to start getting fit is just an excuse to postpone it. Unlike the term paper or taxes, there’s no defined deadline, so with exercise, Monday never comes. It’s always next week. Also unlike taxes and the term paper, fitness isn’t a one shot deal where you start and are finished in the same day.

Another excuse, which I truly understand, is that life is too hectic now to start.

There are all types of reasons for a hectic life. It could be an upcoming special occasion, work related or saddest of all, a sick family member. All of these are stressful events. Here is where some people disagree with me, but scientific study shows it’s true. People in stressful situations need to carve out time for themselves to workout, even if it’s just ten minutes at a time throughout the day. Exercise actually shouldn’t be a chore, but a way of taking care of yourself and lifting some of the stress. Exercise is a stress buster that can build energy and help you sleep better at night so you can handle all the problems and stressful issues life hands you.

Affordability is an issue for putting off fitness.

Doing jumping jacks costs nothing but time. If you’re reading this, you’re on the internet, so you have access to some good programs. Even if you can’t afford a personal trainer or a personalized internet program, you can create an exercise program that will help you feel and look better. While it may not be the best and quickest way to fitness, doing something is FAR BETTER than doing nothing. Everyone should be moving more throughout the day to keep their bodies healthy, no matter what their financial level.

Some people think there’s no hope because they’re far too out of shape.

One of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever read had to do with a man that was so severely overweight, he was almost homebound. He had to rest after just walking a few steps. The weight took a toll on his body, especially his limbs. When he received the word from his doctor that he was going to be crippled because of his weight, he decided to do something about it. At first, his goal was just a few steps a few times a day. Within the month, he made it out his door and eventually to the corner. He started eating healthier and as he moved more, he started shedding pounds. Today, he’s lost 3/4ths his body weight and competes in marathons. If he can do it, anyone can do it.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, starting immediately can head you on the road. While you might not know exactly what makes up a healthy meal, you probably know that cake and fries aren’t the healthiest and a salad would be better.
  • You don’t have to have a fancy program to begin. Just move more and do a few exercises that you know or that you found online as a starter.
  • Taking a walk is exercise, so plan to spend your lunch hour walking to lunch. Throughout the day, make sure you get up and move once every 50 minutes. Your body needs it.
  • Find ways to incorporate more movement in your life. Park further from the store. Take the steps rather than the elevator. If you’re more than three floors up, take the elevator part of the way and walk the rest.

 5 Tips To Monitor Your Fitness Progress

5 Tips To Monitor Your Fitness Progress

Even if you have the greatest diet and workout plan created specifically for your needs, you still need to monitor your fitness progress. While I like to think I can provide that plan for you, I also know that everyone’s body is different, so monitoring a plan can provide information like when to push ahead in the same manner, when to make some changes to tweak the workout and when something’s gone dramatically wrong with the program I provided. Lots of times, when looked at closely, it’s because of food eaten absentmindedly and not considered or workouts skipped. Having a plan to monitor your progress keeps you accountable and provides me with important information to help you even more.

Sticking with my fitness tracker and customized nutrition plan shows you’ve followed the plan.

I like a two way tracking. One is to show how well you’ve stuck with the program and the other is the results you’ve had. That’s why I’ve built in both types of tracking to my program in the Elite plan. However, there are other ways to check results. I like the clothing method, as some of you already know. Buy an article of clothing that’s too tight or doesn’t fit right and workout until it does. It’s a real life type of result your seeing and doesn’t require scales.

Check your BMI or body composition.

There are lots of ways to check your body mass index—BMI—or body composition. For BMI, some of them are hand held gadgets you can buy others may be part of the program on those health machines that take your weight, blood pressure and heart rate near the pharmacy in some grocery stores, drug stores and retail mega chains. The BMI gives a good picture of whether your workout and dietary plan of healthy eating is helping you and far better than just weight alone. If you’ve reduced your BMI significantly, but not lost a ton of weight, don’t worry, you’re on the right road. For body composition, you can go formal, with methods from submerging in water for hydrostatic weighing, skin calipers or an app to do it.

Measuring your circumference is not only a key to fitness, but also good health.

Visceral fat, that nasty fat that load up your middle, is the most unhealthy type of fat because it crowds your organs. It’s also the hardest fat to lose. While all those other methods of measuring body fat are important, to be healthy, shedding those pounds around the middle is top priority and also the key to looking great. When your measurements around your belly start to get smaller, you’re definitely getting fitter.

  • Remember sometimes scales don’t give the whole picture. They may not show the results of your effort because muscle mass weighs more than fat per cubic inch. If you’ve built muscle, lost sizes and become slimmer and trimmer, it doesn’t always show on the scales.
  • Log your progress. Keeping a journal that not only tells your workout, but also tells whether the workout was difficult can help show your progress.
  • Create a revealing photo gallery. Take it in a swimsuit or shorts so you can see the progress, especially around the middle. Take a new one every few weeks, posing the same way with the distance from the camera to get the best comparison.
  • While it’s not as scientific as the others, pinch-an-inch is still a good way to gauge your progress. Loose skin due to weight loss can make a difference, but for those that need to shed much weight, the amount between your fingers will be less and less as you get fitter.

Benefits Of Bodyweight Workouts

Benefits Of Bodyweight Workouts

If you’ve been involved with working out for very long, you know that there are fashions and fads that are constantly changing in that world. Of course, there’s always new studies that promote more refined techniques that can bring quicker results, but in the end, bodyweight workouts always tend to remain at the top for a number of reasons. There are benefits of bodyweight workouts that you don’t get with other workout methods. One of the biggest reasons is that you’re carrying your workout equipment with you everywhere you go, since the success of the workout requires no extra equipment. That saves time, money and space for storage.

Bodyweight training is extremely efficient.

You’re ready to move quickly from one type of exercise to another, since you don’t have to worry

about getting a different piece of equipment or having it ready for the next exercise. You can mix

your flexibility, cardio and strength exercises easily and create a workout for HIIT quickly using these types of workouts. Combining a program that switches quickly from burpees to push ups, including dynamic stretching in the workout to get huge benefits for all parts of your body in all areas of fitness.

You can adjust bodyweight workouts for any level of fitness.

Not only can you adjust the number of repetitions and sets, you can modify the form of bodyweight workouts. There are dozens of different ways to do push-ups to make them easier or more difficult. Bent knee push-ups or wall push-ups are for the beginner, keep increasing the repetitions and eventually move to traditional form push-ups. As your strength improves, you can move to diamond push ups or elevate your feet to make them more difficult or work on various muscle groups.

You can use your time more efficiently.

If you’re stuck at the office, there’s always a way to fit in your workout. You may have to break it

down to sections, but that can be important, especially if you have a desk job. Sitting for longer than an hour without moving around is extremely unhealthy according to most studies. Even if you workout regularly, it can take a toll on your body. Taking a five minute break every hour to walk around, or even do a bodyweight exercise, not only boosts your level of fitness, it can also keep your heart healthy. I recommend that you take at least a ten minute break and have exercises ready you can do in your office or cubicle uninterrupted for those nights you’re working late.

  • There are a huge number of bodyweight exercises you can mix and match to achieve your goal. Boredom is never a problem.
  • Bodyweight workouts are cost efficient. You won’t have costly equipment sitting in the closet that takes up space when not in use.
  • Bodyweight are super efficient at helping you shed weight and get into shape faster. Many of these build strength and strength building workouts are fat busters.
  • Bodyweight workouts build core strength quickly, besides boosting muscle building all over the body. That’s because they involve compound movements that use several muscle groups at the same time.