Buy Clothes For Your Weight Loss Goal


Have you ever walked in front of a mirror and thought, “Man, I look good!” Then a couple hours later you walk in front of the same mirror in the same clothes and are like, “What the heck happened to me?” Your body and your weight, while tangible numbers, in your mind, is a matter of perspective.

Am I gaining weight? Am I losing weight? Or, is nothing happening at all? In most people’s lives they go through a bout of trying to lose weight or maybe trying to get as close to their college body as they can. From hours in the gym, running races to eating healthier and going after a holistic lifestyle, however you do it, it’s important to not only hit your target numbers, but to also convince your inner conscience that something is changing for the better. After all, 10 lbs on paper may sound great, but if you look in a mirror and don’t see the result that can be disheartening. And the same goes for all that you may do to get back into shape from tracking calories and eating healthier to waking up at 4:00 AM to hit the gym before work.

So what do you do?

Well, an idea that was recently brought to me is from a client who decided he was tired of working out and feeling like he wasn’t getting anywhere. His weight loss was incremental, but after losing about 15 lbs he thought he would look better in a mirror. He was actually thinking of giving up.

That’s when his wife tossed a shirt at him and told him to put it on. It was the shirt that got him back into the gym. You see, two months before, he’d put this shirt on and was upset that it no longer fit him. It was tight nearly everywhere. Irritated, he slipped the shirt on. It fit! That’s when he got the idea to go to his favorite store — Eddie Bauer and buy a large button down. Now, he’s a big, broad shouldered guy anyway and had been used to wearing XL for years, even moving into XXL before he started working out. So, he figured if he could fit into a large that would be his goal.

Once a week, or when he was feeling like his goals were going nowhere, he would slip on the large shirt. Over time he would feel the shirt fitting, from buttoning one button, to two and three, and then the buttons around his midsection. Then he was able to not only button the shirt but could feel it fitting better. And after another six weeks something amazing happened. He fit perfectly into his shirt.

He recalls the moment that he put on the shirt and walked in front of the mirror. His wife walked in, looked at him and said, “Damn! You look good.” And that’s how he used a shirt to achieve his goals and avoid discouragement. 

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