Everyday Tips for a Successful Life

Everyday Tips for a Successful Life

Success doesn’t come easy, in fact there’s a saying about it: “The only way to guarantee success is with hard work.” That fits for anything you want to achieve. Do you want to be financially secure? Do you want to be a better athlete? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be […]

Buy Clothes For Your Weight Loss Goal

Buy Clothes For Your Weight Loss Goal

  Have you ever walked in front of a mirror and thought, “Man, I look good!” Then a couple hours later you walk in front of the same mirror in the same clothes and are like, “What the heck happened to me?” Your body and your weight, while tangible numbers, in your mind, is a […]

Trick  your way to healthy eating

Trick your way to healthy eating

Recently a client of mine told me that he grew up with an eating disorder which wasn’t diagnosed until only a few years ago. It was called Binge Eating Disorder. He’d had it since he was a child and as he described it, most people would have never recognized the urges and guilt shrouded in […]

5 reasons why online fitness training PROGRAMS are the future

The advent of internet has undoubtedly shaped our life in a better way. Looking back 10 years into the past, life seemed comparatively dull and miserable. According to Statista, there are over 3.6 billion internet users as of 2017. The rise of internet technology has also influenced how we do things in virtually every possible […]

Stretching Myths – Busted!

As a kid I remember hearing a coach of mine tell a teammate that if he bounces when he stretches he’s going to tear a muscle. So, naturally, for years after, I never moved while stretching. And for athletes around the world, stretching before a workout is commonplace, yet is that the best thing for […]

5 Signs It's Time To Change -UP Your Routine

Okay, so I want to start out by saying that if you are exercising regularly or going to the gym a few times a week then you are already better off than the vast majority who aren’t. But, let’s be real here, if you haven’t changed your workout in awhile the gym has become more […]

How Journals Can Change Your Outlook

I recently had a friend come up to me with the claim that a year ago he regularly spent $900 a month on food. What’s worse is that he thought he was spending about one third of that. The company that he worked for offered a class on managing your finances and budgeting. He didn’t think […]

Jumping Into Training After A Lower Back Injury

Jumping Into Training After A Lower Back Injury

For anyone who’s had a lower back injury it’s no joke. Even a minor lower back injury can be debilitating and knock you out of your sport or the gym for weeks. The problem that most people face is that as soon as the pain is gone they want to jump back into those squats […]


You’re going to find that I keep coming back to the topic of improving your workout and motivation. That’s because when I see people give up on their program I can’t help but wonder, “what the heck could I have done to keep them going?” Working out, whether at home, the office or the gym […]


It’s common for the average person who hasn’t been to the gym for a while to be hesitant when walking into the free-weight area, and even the assisted weight machines. Much of this anxiety stems back to your high school years when the bigger kids bragged about how much weight they could put up. Maybe […]