5 Strength Training Myths – Busted

​As a personal trainer that’s been working in the field for many years, it surprises me that so much fake information is being passed around on the internet. You’d think that the internet is a great source of information for everything from cooking healthy clean meals to how to do your strength training exercises, but […]

4 Efficient Ways to Stay Motivated for Fitness

​Motivation is one of the biggest contributing factors to your fitness routine. Staying focused is difficult if you don’t have something driving you and it takes a lot of mental fortitude to stick to your plan. If you’re struggling with your self-motivation and it seems almost impossible not to slip off your schedule, read on […]


Do you feel you’ve been trying to lose the extra pounds around your waist forever, but nothing is working? Have you tried every trendy diet available, did all the fancy workouts and still nothing? Well, I have bad and good news for you. The bad news is that unless there is a medical reason behind it, […]

5 Ways to Get Slim Before the Holidays

​Only a few weeks to go before the holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving, to be followed by weeks of corporate and friendly Christmas events leading up to the holiday week when most people forget their fat loss goals and indulge in amounts of food that would feed a whole family for a month in […]

5 Steps to Stay Consistent With Your Fat Loss

​How many times have you tried to get rid of that stubborn fat around your waist or other areas of your body? Many people, even clients of mine before hiring me would find a diet they think will help them, jump into it with the biggest commitment, change all habits, restrict numerous foods and see […]