Benefits Of Bodyweight Workouts

If you’ve been involved with working out for very long, you know that there are fashions and fads that are constantly changing in that world. Of course, there’s always new studies that promote more refined techniques that can bring quicker results, but in the end, bodyweight workouts always tend to remain at the top for a number of reasons. There are benefits of bodyweight workouts that you don’t get with other workout methods. One of the biggest reasons is that you’re carrying your workout equipment with you everywhere you go, since the success of the workout requires no extra equipment. That saves time, money and space for storage.

Bodyweight training is extremely efficient.

You’re ready to move quickly from one type of exercise to another, since you don’t have to worry

about getting a different piece of equipment or having it ready for the next exercise. You can mix

your flexibility, cardio and strength exercises easily and create a workout for HIIT quickly using these types of workouts. Combining a program that switches quickly from burpees to push ups, including dynamic stretching in the workout to get huge benefits for all parts of your body in all areas of fitness.

You can adjust bodyweight workouts for any level of fitness.

Not only can you adjust the number of repetitions and sets, you can modify the form of bodyweight workouts. There are dozens of different ways to do push-ups to make them easier or more difficult. Bent knee push-ups or wall push-ups are for the beginner, keep increasing the repetitions and eventually move to traditional form push-ups. As your strength improves, you can move to diamond push ups or elevate your feet to make them more difficult or work on various muscle groups.

You can use your time more efficiently.

If you’re stuck at the office, there’s always a way to fit in your workout. You may have to break it

down to sections, but that can be important, especially if you have a desk job. Sitting for longer than an hour without moving around is extremely unhealthy according to most studies. Even if you workout regularly, it can take a toll on your body. Taking a five minute break every hour to walk around, or even do a bodyweight exercise, not only boosts your level of fitness, it can also keep your heart healthy. I recommend that you take at least a ten minute break and have exercises ready you can do in your office or cubicle uninterrupted for those nights you’re working late.

  • There are a huge number of bodyweight exercises you can mix and match to achieve your goal. Boredom is never a problem.
  • Bodyweight workouts are cost efficient. You won’t have costly equipment sitting in the closet that takes up space when not in use.
  • Bodyweight are super efficient at helping you shed weight and get into shape faster. Many of these build strength and strength building workouts are fat busters.
  • Bodyweight workouts build core strength quickly, besides boosting muscle building all over the body. That’s because they involve compound movements that use several muscle groups at the same time.

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