5 Signs It's Time To Change -UP Your Routine

Okay, so I want to start out by saying that if you are exercising regularly or going to the gym a few times a week then you are already better off than the vast majority who aren’t. But, let’s be real here, if you haven’t changed your workout in awhile the gym has become more of a daily habit than a routine to improve yourself. I’ll say it again, as long as your at the gym, playing a sport or exercising regularly your still doing good. But, you don’t read my blog to just maintain, do you? You are here because you want to improve.
So, here are five signs that it’s probably time to change-up your routine. After all, you don’t improve without change.

  1. Your workout fits under the category “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!”: When you first stepped on the elliptical maybe level one or two was all you could do, but it’s been six months and you are practically dancing as your legs and arms swing forward and back. And those weights, well you might still be doing three sets of eight reps, but in reality you could put up those dumbbells fifty times without feeling a burn. If your workout is so easy you don’t sweat, burn or breath a little harder then you probably want to change things up.
  2. Your heart rate doesn’t break 100: For many athletes, heart rate has become more important than ever. Watches, straps and even the cardio equipment has monitors so you can track if you are at 60% of your max heart rate. Well, there’s a reason heart rate is so important. It is one way of identifying how hard your body is working and expending energy. So, if your heart rate isn’t over 100, then you’re likely not working hard enough. Maybe you’re dragging, or maybe it’s time to switch it up!
  3. You don’t feel the burn: I love to feel the burn. It makes me feel like I’m doing something. But, if you haven’t felt the burn in a couple weeks, you might be ready to push yourself a little harder. That could mean bumping up your cardio level, trying a new class or exercise or adding more weight to the bar. Whatever it is, if your muscles aren’t burning, then they are probably feeling a little stagnant.
  4. You’ve thought of bringing a pillow to the gym: For most people working out is a better way to wake yourself up than a cup of coffee. But, if you are practically falling asleep as you work out then you probably aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. Introducing yourself to a new workout, class or exercise routine is a great way to refresh your energy.
  5. No gain: Sure, you started out great. You saw quick results when you started your routine, but lately you haven’t seen any change in results. In some cases, your results might be worsening. One reason why people are willing to stay with routines that don’t work is that they are easy, and the other is that the routine you are sticking to is the one that brought you early results and you have faith those results will come back. But, like any exercise routine, without changing things up and growing you aren’t going to see results. So, if you don’t see any gains, then it’s time for you to change it up!

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