5 reasons why online fitness training PROGRAMS are the future

The advent of internet has undoubtedly shaped our life in a better way. Looking back 10 years into the past, life seemed comparatively dull and miserable. According to Statista, there are over 3.6 billion internet users as of 2017. The rise of internet technology has also influenced how we do things in virtually every possible way. From buying grocery items to booking flights for vacation, we accomplish every other task on our smartphone. The effect of internet tech can be seen on education sector with institutes like MIT offering their courses over the net. And with the growing adaptability of the technology, it is not only limited to STEM courses, personal training is also

1. Internet is widely available and is growing The internet is growing at a faster rate than ever. It is estimated to have been growing by nearly 82% each year. More than 1.3 billion people are starting to use social media websites. Not only user base, but the content available on the internet is sprouting as well. Facebook, the largest Social media on the planet, alone generates somewhere close to 500 TB of content data each day. With ongoing invention and innovation in the computing industry, the internet usage is only projected to grow with no signs of stopping. This makes online fitness training and coaching programs available to anyone with an internet access.

2Get trained by experts The internet technology has also made it easier for people to create and share their content with the world. Expert gym trainers are not too far behind in adopting the technology and are now many of them have started providing courses over the internet. IFBB Pro Trainer and founder of Tobias Young Fitness, Tobias Young, started offering courses online back in 2010.

3. Cheaper in price and flexible Not only are online courses available to everyone around the world, but it is also astoundingly more affordable as compared to some of the on-site gym training courses. Furthermore, it is also beneficial to coaches who can share their content with a wider audience, hence covering more people in a single batch than traditional brick and mortar buildings. In other words, it’s a win-win situation. Another added benefit is flexibility. You don’t need to be at the gym exactly at 9 AM for the training. You can join in at 11 AM and follow the online program. This is extremely helpful for multi-tasking people who’re always on the go.

4. Gyms are getting smarter Gone are the days of traditional gym training with boring equipment. Smart fitness dollies are already a real thing that’ll transform workouts like never before. Fitness equipment with internet connectivity, voice controls, devices like Fitbit, Apple Watch are now rendering data collection and analysis possible which can help in bettering your workout routine. Fitness apps can help you track and improve your progress.
5. Get better control on trainers. What if you join a training center and you don’t like the service? Most probably you’d want to leave but you’ve already paid a fee which they may or may not refund to you. But that’s not the case with online fitness training programs. Almost all of them come with a refund policy within 15 or 30 days if a user is not completely satisfied with a easy claim process. This way you get a better control over your trainer and you can switch them with a click of button.
So online fitness and coaching programs have got a lot of potential to change the way we think about building muscle or losing body fat.
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